Currently looking for 1 PDRA on the biophysics of yeast mating (2y with the possibility to extend 1y) and 1 Lab Technician (2y; ad coming soon), financed by HFSP. Please contact Marco if you want to discuss any of the two.

Visiting Opportunities (IMEDEA)

Interested in visiting us at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies in the beautiful island of Mallorca? There are a range of potential Visiting Fellowships at both PDRA and Professorial levels, and we are always happy to support potential interesting candidates. To know more, see here , and feel free to drop an email.

Visiting Opportunities (Warwick)

Would you like to visit Warwick? Several Visiting Fellowship schemes are available through the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Warwick. Feel free to contact Marco to discuss potential applications.