Marco Polin. PI marco

Office D-14, IMEDEA || Ph: +34 971 611 374 ||  email me

I graduated in Physics back in 1999 (!) at the University of Padova (Italy), with a specialisation on theoretical high energy particle physics. I then joined New York University for my Ph.D. (2001-2007), which was in David Grier‘s group at CSMR, working on colloidal interactions measured with holographic optical tweezers (experimental!). In 2007 I started working with Raymond Goldstein at DAMTP, Cambridge, on biophysics at the cellular level. I have been lucky enough to be sponsored first by a Marie-Curie Fellowship (2008-2010), then by an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2013). I joined the Physics Department in Warwick in September 2013, and became Associate Professor in 2018. In February 2016 I became an Associate Member of Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre.

cmcb-logo_kernedIn December 2016 I  joined the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology at Warwick as Group Leader.

In December 2020 I joined the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) in the beautiful island of Mallorca, as a Ramón y Cajal Fellow. Group activities are currently split between Warwick and IMEDEA.

My Researcher ID is H-4202-2011. You can also check my profile on Google Scholar.

antoineAntoine Allard. PDRA. 

Office P.160, Physics Bld. ||  email me

Antoine graduated from the Université París-Saclay in 2020, with a Ph.D. on the biophysics of protein-decorated bilayer membrane tubes. His Ph.D. work was done at Curie Institute under the supervision of Cecile Sykes. He joined the group in September 2020 and is currently funded by the Leverhulme Trust.  His main project (when not climbing) is on phototaxis of microalgae and its interaction with photosynthesis.

Edited in Prisma app with MononokeAnusuya Pal. PDRA

Office P.160, Physics Bld. ||  email me

Anusuya graduated from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, Mass. USA) in 2021, with a Ph.D. on the effect of polymers and proteins on droplet drying. Her work was done under the supervision of Germano Iannacchione. She joined the group in May 2021 with a position funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Her main project is on phototaxis of microalgae and its interaction with photosynthesis.

IMG_1138Steve Williams. Ph.D. Student 

Office PS 151, Physical Sciences Bld.  ||  email me

Steve graduated from the University of Warwick in 2018 (Master in Physics). He joined in September 2018 to work on dynamical properties of pure and mixed active matter suspensions.

Edited in Prisma app with Dallas Luc Zorrilla PHYMOT Ph.D. Student 

 Office , IMEDEA ||  email me

 Luc graduated from KTH (Sweden) in June 2021 (Master in Physics). He joined in Aug 2021 with a Ph.D. position financed by the ITN PHYMOT.  During his Ph.D. Luc will work on the direct measurement and modelling of the mechanical properties of eukaryotic flagella.

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Raúl Muñoz Jimenez.  Lab Technician

Office , IMEDEA ||  email me

Raúl obtained his Ph.D. from UIB in microbiology in November 2020 (cum laude) with a thesis on phylogenetics of Bacteroidetes. Previously he has worked for the NHS and the Spanish Healthcare System and is now interested in starting again in research. He joined in Dec 2021 on a technician position funded by HFSP. Besides helping with the general management and organisation of the lab, he will help peek into the biophysics of sexual mating in yeast.

Some of the Friends we collaborate with 

Previously in the group


  • Lewis Mosby, Ph.D. student (graduated June 2021). On to: PDRA with Zena Hadjivasiliou at the Crick Institute.
  • Iago Lopez-Grobas, Ph.D. student (graduated June 2021). On to: PDRA with Dirk Aarts at the University of Oxford (Oxford Colloid Group)
  • Arman Javadi, PDRA (2019-2020).
  • Richard Henshaw, Ph.D. student (graduated June 2019). On to: PDRA with Jeff Guasto at Tufts Uni.
  • Matteo Contino, Ph.D. student (graduated 2017). On to: Engineer at Oxford HighQ.
  • George Parry, MSc-R student (2016) and Integrate AMR Fellow (Jan-Sept 2017).
  • Raphaël Jeanneret, joined PDRA with Vasily Kantsler (2014-2017). On to: ‘Margalida Comas’ Fellow at IMEDEA in the group of Idan Tuval. Currently CNRS Researcher at LPENS, ENS Paris.
  • Kate Watkins, MRC DTP student (3 months rotation, 2017). On to: PhD student with Meera Unnikrishnan.
  • Julia Dölger, Ph.D. student with Anders Andersen at DTU Denmark (April & May 2017).


  • Katie Croft (2020 URSS Student with Orkun Soyer): numerical model of sliding cyanobacterial filament.
  • Paul Fuchter (2019 URSS Student): simulations of active-passive systems.
  • Thomas Rook (2019 URSS Student): binding dynamics of EB3.
  • Ross Shaw (2019 Intern): sinking of biofouled colloids.
  • Javiera Leemhuis (URSS Summer 2018).
  • Freya Bull and Sophie Mount, 4th year project, a.y. 2017-2018.
  • Jonathan Roberts, URSS Student; and Simone Coppola, Summer Student (Summer 2017).
  • Semih Svasal, BSc final year project (Oct 2016).
  • Rory Claydon and Jonathan Benarroch, URSS Students (Summer 2016).
  • George Day and Arun Jaspal, BSc final year project (Oct 2015).
  • Chris Norman and Matthew Painter, MSc final year project in collaboration with Munehiro Asally (Oct 2015).
  • Matthew Lloyd and Jake Haynes, URSS students (Summer 2015).

  • Richard Henshaw and Dean Walker, MSc final year project (Oct 2014).

  • Joanna Craufurd and Charlotte Macken, BSc final year project (Oct 2014).

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