Month: May 2022

WMS Thesis prize for Iago

We’re very happy to announce that Iago has been awarded the Faculty Thesis Prize from Warwick Medical School, for his thesis “Biophysical mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in swarming B. subtilis“. The thesis was co-supervised with our good friend Munehiro Asally. Well done Iago! You can read more about Iago’s work in his eLife publication and (hopefully soon) in a second follow-up article.

Iago is currently a postdoc in the Oxford Colloids Group (U. Oxford, UK).

The Narrow-Escape of a Microorganism

A microalga escapes one pool only to find itself in another.

Escaping through narrow apertures involves rare events and therefore is usually quite hard. It is also a classical problem for both Brownian and ballistic particles. Interestingly, microorganisms can find themselves having to find and go through a narrow aperture. Their case is peculiar as it bridges the Brownian and ballistic cases. Our new paper, just out in Physical Review Research, looks at this problem with a mix of experiments and simulations. As is often the case, we find an unexpected twist in the story…. A great collaboration with Antoine Allard, Mathieu Souzy, Jean Fran├žois Louf, Matteo Contino and Idan Tuval.