Lab news

Visiting IMEDEA

Good news today! My application for a Visiting Fellowship to the Mediterranean Institute od Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) has been approved by the University of the Balearic Islands! I will be working with my good friend Idan Tuval from mid July to the beginning of September. We’ll work on experiments and modelling related to a parasite of dinoflagellates. Really looking forward to it!

Physics Viewpoint!


Together with Idan Tuval, I have been recently working on a Viewpoint for Physics, about an interesting recent PRL publication by Greta Quaranta, Marie-Eve Aubin Tam and Daniel Tam, from the University of Delft. They proved that flagellar synchronisation in Chlamydomonas depends on the presence of striated fibres joining the basal bodies of the two flagella. Apparenly, synchronisation of flagella from different cells or from the same cell can be based on completely different mechanisms! This is a really nice work, which opens a lot of new questions…

Raphael goes to Aberdeen

Raphael is leaving this evening for Aberdeen! He is going for a conference on Physics and Biology of Active Systems, where he will present his (almost completed) work on bioactive dispersal of tracers. He found a cool effect that was not noticed before but ends up dominating the statistical properties of the tracers, which disperse with an effective diffusivity more than one order of magnitude larger than previously estimated. We’ll write-up soon(ish) so watch this space!